Why Not Write About Hernia Mesh?

I often hear that people think that there is too much attention paid to pelvic mesh victims at the cost to the hernia victims. After all, it’s the same material that is used, just cut in a different shape and placed in a different part of the body. And, truth is, pelvic organ prolapse is very similar to a hernia —both are caused by a weakening of muscles and ligaments.

When I planned this blog, I decided to focus on one type of mesh because it is the one I know best and because I planned to go into depth with my research. I want to do another blog called the Hernia Mesh Owner’s Guide — some day.


I hope hernia sufferers will look at the parts of this blog that apply to them because so many complications are the same: the denial by doctors, the nerve injuries, the salesmen in the operating room, the body’s foreign body reaction and the resulting autoimmune diseases, the cancer risk, the pain, loss of consortium, and the loss of ability to work. The great difficulties getting it removed are similar. Mesh shreds, twists, curls, folds, stretches, migrates, disintegrates, etc. no matter where it is placed.

In looking at why the two entities got separated in the first place, it is important to look at the history of several legal battles. Hernia mesh underwent similar legal attacks about 20 years ago. Several versions of hernia were removed, recalled, and quietly taken off the market. Many people sued and won and many lost. In the end, really, the makers won. They just changed a few elements of hernia mesh, paid for scientific studies that proved it was a great product, and went right on marketing it (the same thing is happening with transvaginal mesh).

So, when the makers found a new application for mesh, putting it into women’s most private, most valued and most delicate place, it caused NEW problems because of the anatomy of the pelvis. The lawyers, like chairs on a sinking ship, rushed to represent this new disaster and abandoned the hernia meshes — there is no longer any money in those cases.

Hernia mesh victims: please be aware that not a single victim made this separation; it was done by lawyers.

Update (February 8, 2018) Fortunately, lawyers are now beginning to take a look at hernia cases and file suils. Because I don’t know enough about them, I won’t recommend then yet, but use a good search engine for “Hernia Mesh Lawyers.” Let us know how you do.


Peggy Day is working on a book to combine all these stories. This is an excerpt from Pelvis in Flames: Your Pelvic Mesh Owner’s Guide. Your input is welcome to help make Pelvis in Flames the book you need to read.

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2 responses to “Why Not Write About Hernia Mesh?

  1. I have this terrible Cook Surgisis implanted in both my Anterior and posterior of my vagina 3 years ago , it has caused all of my pelvic tissue to become necrotic, what was supposed to be my vagina has now completely collapsed .
    I am in constant pain , I am now almost unable to walk , a cyst full of pus has been found forming on my spine, funny I think its the same pus discharge I have been having since the op in DEc 2012. The worst thing is the DR that implanted this rubbish in me is the same person who wrote the papers on the complications of this product . He had been suspended and thrown out of the USA many years ago and then was still able to perform his evil experiments on many women here in Australia.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. It is not only the synthetic mesh that is causing such severe complications and disfigurement. Have you had your implant removed? Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Peggy

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